Update 6/23/10

Some might say that I’m just putting this off.  Well, yes, that’s basically the reason you don’t hear from me.  However, I think I have legitimate reason for skipping out on my blog for a minute:  Work.

All I really want to do when I get home is play a video game and go to sleep.  But, I have been thinking about plenty of things to share with you my audience while I’ve been away.

1.  I want to like my car, but it’s not always nice to me.
We all have car trouble here and there.  Some people would say they’ve gone through their whole lives without an automobile accident.  Well, if you hear them say something like that, call them out.  There’s no way.  Maybe they’ve never been the cause of an accident, but you can’t always prepare for someone doing something stupid.  All you can do is obey the signs and signals and hope you aren’t smashed in between two maroons who are texting and driving. (Are you blushing?  Don’t be afraid to admit you’re that guy.  Many of us are.)

But accidents aren’t really the type of car trouble I’m talking about.  I’m talking about the times when you FINALLY catch up with your finances and your transmission goes out, or you park too close to a driving rage and have to replace your windshield, or you run over a piece of glass in the parking lot of an apartment complex while you’re delivering pizza and you have to buy a new tire but then you realize that all the other tires are worn so instead of ONE you need FOUR.  Whatever.  Car trouble sucks.  I hate it.  Fortunately for me, though, I have a close network of friends and family that either know what to do or can help me get around to the places I need to go while it’s being fixed.  I’m relying on them now to try to solve the latest problem my ’97 Oldsmobile Regency is having.  I believe that whatever it is is electrical.  The problem with that is that you can’t see electrical.  You have to take it apart and put new parts on the car to see if it works better.  And if they new part does not fix the problem, that’s a charitable donation you just gave to Autozone or the salvage yard or the mechanic down the street.

I know what you’re thinking if you haven’t already:  “This guy has bad car luck.”  I’m trying to be an optimist, but I’ve heard this phrase so many times, it’s beginning to sound believable.  If I can give you any advice, any piece of wisdom I’ve accumulated over the course of this hardship, it’s this:  do not do nice things for your car.  I recently replaced the factory stereo in my car for a nice Kenwood stereo with USB hookup and Bluetooth.  Nice, huh?  Yeah, I thought so.  One day I thought to myself:  “hey . . . my car deserves something for getting me around all this time and being there when I need her.”  Apparently, she does not like surprises.  I had the stereo for two maybe three weeks and then she started to act up.  Is it like when someone gets a liver transplant and the body rejects it?  I hope not, because that was not a cheap stereo.  But I’ve had this experience in the past as well.  I put brand new brakes on a car, and the heads warped.  I filled the gas tank, and the starter went out!  So now, I only put twenty in at a time.  Is that being cautious or broke?  Either way, I need to make it last.

more to come.  time for bed.



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