Neil Gaiman’s Blog

I’m very intrigued first of all to see the everyday life of Neil Gaiman.  He’s a pretty busy guy.  I like that we get a glimpse into his life as a person as well as a writer.

Gaiman posts several links to friends’ blogs as well as posts to articles.  This is how he shares what is interesting to him, and it exposes writers to stories about writers.  And not just writers in print.  His fiancée Amanda Palmer is a musician, and I downloaded one of her albums from a link on his page.  Of course at the time I had  no idea that they were involved.  I just thought he was promoting good music.    It was also a coincidence that I was trying to learn the ukulele at the time I found the link.   (She’s playing Radiohead on a ukulele.)

Gaiman’s latest link is to the Huffington Post’s 10 most challenged graphic novels.  I was surprised to find that I had in fact read a few of them.  That’s what happens when you have comic book nerds for friends: they introduce you to things you would not have found on your own.  He’s also on the list himself, which must be a feeling unique to any other.  This is how people view your work.  If it’s been banned, there is either something terribly wrong or terribly right about it to elicit such a negative response.  Are there people who can’t handle the gritty side of reality?  Do they want fairies and loving families and happy endings in their literature?  Yes.  And I do, too.  But, I want realism sometimes as well.  People can relate to those stories, and I relate to Neil Gaiman’s work.  Well . . . ok in a sense that I can see the things he writes happening if the things that happen in his fiction were true.  I mean I’ve never actually been attacked by a monster that was posing as my mother, and I didn’t grow up in a graveyard, and I’ve never been to a serial killers’ convention, but you know what I mean.

Here are the links I mentioned:



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