Who Wrote This Stuff???

Were you wondering?  Well, it was me.  I did it.  I wrote it, and now I have to go back and scrutinize what I wrote.  I have to take a magnifying glass to this piece and pick out all the wrong words and misspellings and broken chronology.  It’s like I knitted a sweater, and it fit just fine.  Then for some reason I noticed that one of the sleeves was a tiny bit shorter than the other.  So I stretched it.  But, alas, I stretched it too much.  So, in order to keep things even, I stretched the other side.  Before I knew it, the medium sweater became an extra-extra-extra large tarp with enough room for me and my family to go caroling in.  Now I have to figure out which members of my family I want to fit inside the sweater and what order they shall stand in and which way they will face etc, etc, etc…

Am I complaining?  Probably.  But that’s part of the writing process.  You write something.  You hate it.  You stretch it out.  You erase it.  You start over.  You hate that, too.  So, you leave it aside . . . and when you come back you hate it more!

I keed. I keed.

It’s not really that bad (most of the time).  In fact, I don’t know of many things more rewarding than looking over a draft and saying that you have made positive changes in your work.  The end really does justify the means to me.  And in the end, not only will I have turned in a portfolio full of original work, but also this work will signify the completion of something much greater.

Yes.  Ladies and Gentlemen.  I am finishing my bachelor’s degree.  (Close your mouths, people.  That’s rude.)

Believe it or not, at the end of this week I will be finished with a big part of my life.  It will be over.  I would like you all to join me in celebration.  You see, what I’m planning on doing is having a big party where everybody gets together and buys each other gifts and they have hot chocolate and pie.  If any of you are available, I was thinking on have the party a week from Saturday.  Is that good for everyone?  that’s the next Saturday that I have available.  If not, I’m actually hosting a party in Glendale Arizona on January the tenth.  Wear green.



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