Ladies and Gentlemen, I am pleased to present


It’s the most wonderful time of the year or something like that. I think it’s always been the time of year where the marketers lay it on thick. All these movies that they have coming out about the Christmas spirit and family and warm feelings are a dime a dozen. And let me tell you something…I love every single one of them. I say give me sap. Give me the warm fuzzies all over. I have been a big fan of Christmas since I was a kid and I’m not about to stop now. It’s the tradition that I love. There are so many familiar ways to celebrate, and I even have a few of my own. For instance, every Christmas Eve, I read Dr. Seuss’s HOW THE GRINCH STOLE CHRISTMAS out loud to everyone I’m with. It’s a fun show. I try to do the voice and it sounds like a cross between Jim Carrey and Sean Connery. But everybody does the giftin’. You can’t go to any department store from December 1st to 25th without bumping into a hundred Christmas shoppers all looking for the same thing; whatever is all the rage. I am one of those. We all go out shopping because we heard from one of those tear-jerker Santa movies that it is better to give than to receive. I agree, but I wish we didn’t have that motto once a year. Well…maybe we don’t. Maybe it’s just one of those slogans for the holidays. I guess what I’m saying is when the tree comes down, keep on giving. Don’t let Christmas be the only time you think of others. Don’t let holiday slogans dictate the way you treat your fellow man. Peace on Earth and Good Will? The J man was rockin that party on his birthday and every day in between. (I’m preaching to the choir aren’t I? I should assume all my readers are volunteers at their local soup kitchen. Actually that’s another thing. Do “soup kitchens” exist outside of those feel fuzzy flicks? And if so, why don’t they give homeless people some variety? I bet you can make other things besides soup in a proper kitchen.)

Anyhoo, you guys dig this vibe I’m sure. Christmas is boss or rad or far out or whatever the kids say nowadays. And I said giving is best, but honestly who doesn’t like presents? I think they are neeto as well. I have a thought though why things are so fuzzily fluffy and cozy this time of year. It’s the wool. I’ve thought about it and I’ve decided that the wool is what’s responsible for all this snugginess. (I don’t mean the those goofy looking blankets either). Seriously though I think the feelings we get come from good people to be around. Not everyone is around people that have borrowed from a similar genetic code, but everyone that can should be with “family”. They give you that gift that comes without “packages, boxes, or bags”. They give you that security in the acceptance of who you are as you are and what you will always be. That’s called love for the lay people out there. That’s the best gift you can get or give. And I am thankful that America closes every store including Wal-Mart and forces me to spend a minimum of 24 hours in the same house with these people with nothing else to do. I wouldn’t have I any other way.



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