A Newer Year Than the Last

So far this year has been great. I’ve spent most of it
singing with my friends and somehow I am not hoarse after being in
a smoke-filled room. miraculous? I think so. So what are your new
year’s resolutions? Do any of us take that seriously anymore. Our
karaoke dj recommended that we make good ones, but I’m reluctant to
take his advice. This is coming from the same guy that only
displayed our names on the queue screen so we could see that we
were in fact going to sing but only when he felt like it.
Personally, I like the idea of resolutions, but we don’t have to
reserve them for one day a year. That sets us up for failure. Some
don’t meet their goals, and they wait a whole year to start over.
What’s up with that? What happened to the American Dream where we
get knocked down but we get up again and they’re never gonna keep
us down? (thanks nineties pop nonsense 🙂 My thought is that we
should all be on each other’s teams and treat failures like
rejection letters from literary magazines. Rejection letters are a
sign that we got out there. We made the effort. And when those come
in the mail, put it up on your wall, change your game plan, and
make a brand new resolution. For example, I’ll probably have to
recommit the eating better after January 10th. I want wings for
football. Then of course there is the Super Bowl. I’ll need fried
foods for that, too. After that I’ll start over again. And you can,
too. Call me if you need a cheerleader.




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