Mo Cloney, Mo Problems

Maybe, I’m reading too much into this, but I cannot find a single reason to justify having a clone.  A robot, yes, that would be fine.  If I could employ a machine to do my work for me while I indulged in leisurely activities, I would ask where I could sign.  (Hopefully, I can get a good interest rate.)  But I would not want some kind of human copy of myself to take care of my responsibilities.  First of all, it’s unethical, and not in the sense that a person is working for me without pay.  It would be unethical because I would be getting all the credit for no work done at all.  I mean let’s be honest, if you have a clone to for the purpose of “helping” with your responsibilities, they are going to be doing all of the work.  There will be no division of labor.  There may be at first because you feel guilty, but eventually you’re just going to chose sleeping in over taking part of a shift because the other you will have it covered.  And how do you think he or she is going to feel about that?  Well if my clone is exactly like me, he will bottle his emotions up inside until they explode and he quits and moves to California to follow his dreams which are probably my dreams as well and I’ll be stuck doing the work while he spends all my money.  So basically if you have a clone, the clone will eventually move somewhere else and tell everyone that you’re the clone and then you’ll have to take him to court and that’ll cost you tons of money because no one does pro bono cases like that.  You’ll end up even more broke than when you spent all that money on the robot that was supposed to hang up your posters for you but instead just punched huge holes in the dry wall and demanded a decent wage.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Clone Wars.”


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