Take It or Leave It

This is a hard decision to make, to “un-invent” something.  At first I thought of annoying things that shouldn’t exist like “Kids Bop” and UGGs, but then I thought well who am I to make this kind of decision?  What’s to stop me from getting rid of all things that I find repulsive or abhorrent?  What makes my opinion so special?  And once the nuisances are eradicated, what will we have to measure the good things against?  No, I’m happy with the way things are here in this word.  Let’s not change anything.

But suppose the purpose of this prompt is not to find out what it is in life that annoys you but rather to see if you can imagine some kind of Twilight Zone scenario where you have to change one huge thing in history to save your family or humanity or something strange like that.  In that case, let’s play a little “What-If”.

Now, if I chose to un-invent the wheel, I don’t think that would slow down the progress of man like you might think (pun intended).  Something like the wheel isn’t really an invention so much as a discovery.  Round things occur everywhere, we just have to have to be creative enough to incorporate them into our lives.  Basically we were destined to figure it out if we were around long enough.  (nailed it)

I’m going too far back, though.  I have to think of an invention that was helpful to mankind but is now for some reason erased from the history books.  How about the airplane?  The Wright Brothers never made it past hang gliding and no one thought to develop the technology.  If that were so, the world would still seem like an infinite place where far away lands exist that you will never see with your own eyes.  Sure you could still travel places by boat, but that takes weeks and who has that kind of time to spare?  Unless you happen to be super rich and have no family obligations, you’re not going to venture far from where you were born.

What about future inventions?  According to “Back to the Future, Pt. 2” we’re on the verge of some amazing breakthroughs in technology, but there is one that I want stopped before they have a chance to develop it.  I’m referring of course to the automated dog-walker.  It’s going to happen if it hasn’t already, and I am 100% opposed to it.  There are so many things that can go wrong with that system, one of them being people buying pets and not actually interacting with them.  Plus how are the floating glowsticks going to know when to keep the dogs from just pooping wherever they want?  In other people’s yards?  In the middle of the street!?  Folks, there’s going to be poop in the streets if we let technology go in this direction.  It’s time to take action.  When they start airing those infomercials on late night TV, and believe me it will be soon, change the channel, avoid the “As Seen On TV” section, and tell your crazy aunt Cindy who buys all her crap there that she’s going to be excommunicated from the family if she ever owns one.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Undo.”


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