There are places I remember.  They are all significant in different ways.  Out of all of them, my favorite is Hawaii.  Actually, Hawaii falls into both the category of places I have been that I love AND places I want to go.  I have only been to one island, so there is still much to see there in the Aloha State.  Maui is the one I hear people talking about the most.  I imagine those black sand beaches are an amazing sight.  As far as what speaks to me about that place, I’m not sure if I can put it into words.  That’s the thing with language, sometimes an event will happen to us that transcends our primitive methods of description.  Saying that Hawaii is pretty and that the beaches are beautiful does not do the experience justice.  I mean how do you describe the feeling of being on an island to someone?  Would they understand that etherial feeling without experiencing it for themselves?  The best way for me to make someone understand what is so special about that place is just to say that it makes me happy.  I have not been to many places that make me feel that way.  It might be because I have romanticized it in my head, and it’s not really as great as I remember.  That’s probably not true, though.  The only thing that will have changed when I return to Hawaii will have been me, and maybe by then there will be another place I have fallen in love with.

The place I would like to go next is Scotland.  That place speaks to me because I watch too many movies where they make it look beautiful.  Plus, my family have history from there.  Or maybe Ireland.  I heard my great-great grandmother married an Irishman, but also McGregor is a family name.  According to Wikipedia, that is a Scottish surname.  Plus, the average temperatures in Edinburgh are the temperatures I always say are ideal for me, so I’d fit right in.  Really the island of Britain would be the first place I would want to go if I had a choice.  Just hanging out where all the white people come from.  That sounds like fun, doesn’t it?

I’m glad that I grew up with the family I did, because I inherited from them a love for traveling.  The list of places I could go is pretty long.  It’s a big world and I’m only just getting started.  With me, though, I have never been picky about where I am going, because I love the journey just as much as the destination.  Some of my favorite memories come from the bus on the way to Disney World or on the plane on the way to California.  As long as I have adequate snacks for the journey, I am all set.  Of course, good company, that goes without saying.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Tourist Trap.”


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