The Eagle Has Landed

This is all quite sudden.  The problem now is that I have overthought what I wish to say in my last blog.  But overthinking is a liberty I have because this isn’t actually my last blog.  If it were, that would be a different story.  I can produce quality stuff in rushed situations.  This ability comes from years of practicing procrastination.

But I will play along as best I can.  If I had to throw in the towel tonight for some strange reason, I would want the sendoff to be memorable.  It would be brief and it would be to the point.  For my final blog ever, I would elect to compose an impromptu poem to encapsulate my conflicting feeling of loss and fulfillment as this part of my life comes to an end.  it would go something like this:

Oh how the sun sets
It gathers the light
As a majestic eagle folds his wings
And rests his head
Upon his shoulders

Remember how this eagle flew
Across the sky
From East to West
Following his path
Knowing one day
He would fly no more
He took to heights
Only he could reach
To see only
What he could see
For there is
But one path to fly
And one destination
Where the winds
Are low
And cold

As light takes flight once again
The empty sky
Makes us remember
Our regal friend
And it is with joy
We reminisce
Not that he had to land
But that he chose to soar

Wow that one is over the top, that is.  I’ve heard of people having an inflated ego, but I just compared myself to an eagle.  It started out as comparing the end of this journey to the setting sun, and how light folds in like an eagle folds its wings.  Next thing I knew I got “carried away”.  And I now realize that if I continue with all these puns, no one will think that I prepared for any of this.  I suppose I should confess.  I decided to wing the whole thing.

(Mic Drop)

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Last Words.”


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