Dream Points

I woke up punching.  I’d never done that before.  I didn’t even know it was a thing.  When I finally reached lucidity, I stared at the ceiling fan for what seemed like an hour.  Over and over again I thought of my dream, astonished at how real it had felt.  I had been convinced that I was going to have to fight my way out of that place, so I just started flailing.  Never been much of a fighter.

The more relaxed I felt, the more I wanted to preserve the memory.  The details were already starting to muddle in my brain.  So, I reached for the nearest notebook and a pen and wrote what I remembered:

So my old girlfriend’s mom was chasing me through a local store.  I had caught her stealing pork rinds, and now she was going to make me pay for interfering.  I ran through the toy section and into the pool supplies.  I dove into a pool to hide from her.  Next thing I knew I was in the break room talking about how I had caught someone stealing and hid under water until after the store closed and she left.  The people I was talking to I realized were a friend from elementary school, my mom’s doctor, and his wife.  The wife said that my old girlfriend’s mom was still looking for me and that I should leave the store before she came back.  Then I went to work organizing DVDs because they were all out of order.  I kept finding copies of the new Hobbit movie behind other movies.  I gathered a handful of them and I was going to throw them away in the bathroom when the lights to the store went out.  Now I was in the hallway of my aunt’s old house and I was looking at the door to my cousin Jeremy’s old room on my right.  It was dark and I was scared.  I knew I could go and wake someone up in my aunt’s room which was to my far left or my other cousin Julie’s room in the middle, but then I remembered that everyone was back at the store for a Christmas party and I was alone.  Something told me that there was something in Jeremy’s room that didn’t want me to find it.  It was hiding from me, but I was scared of it.  I knew though that if I saw it, the fear would go away and I would win.  So, I burst into Jeremy’s dark room and flipped the light switch.  Nothing happened.  Instead I heard something moving off to my right.  I whirled in that direction to see the shape of a monster about to start throwing clothes and furniture at me.  I knew that I would lose points if anything knocked me down, so I just started swinging.

It all seemed quite ridiculous as I read what I was writing, but in the dream I had been extremely concerned about the potential loss of points.  If I had fallen down on my back, I probably would have had to start the game all over again.  In that moment it had made perfect sense.  Funny how the logic of dreams work.


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Just a Dream.”


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