Good, Gooder, Goodest

Admitting you’re aren’t good at something, that’s not a thing people do very often.  Smart people anyway.  There are weirdos that go on Facebook and talk about their shenanigans at work and then wonder why they get fired, but lets just assume that none of you are that dumb.  No, most people aren’t going to volunteer to share their inadequacies.  Now I’m assuming that this is a question about my competency as an employee, because it says “Are you good at what you do?”  That’s just what comes to mind for me.  I mean, I do lots of things, but I only get paid for one of them.  As far as that goes, I am good at it, but I would definitely not admit if I wasn’t.

It’s hard to admit that you’re bad at something if you really want to be good at it.  I appreciate it when people are honest with me about my lack of ability in something.  I try to be honest, too, but I don’t like to hurt people’s feelings.  This can be a slippery sloop.  I have seen too many people audition for American Idol and have zero awareness of how terrible they are.  When I watch these people, I always wonder where the person was that should have sat them down and told them they were waisting their time wanting to be a singer.

But am I good at what I do as far as the thing I want people to know me for?  Yes.  I think I am a good writer.  And what is it I wish I was better at?  Writing.  I can see how I have improved over time, but I am also very critical of my own work.  I’m usually proud of it, I want people to read it, but I also want it to be better all the time.  I want to continue to see improvement over time.  I don’t ever want to reach a point where I am satisfied with my work and that I feel like I have learned everything there is to learn.  It’s really that way with life, too.  I don’t wish I was better at life.  I’m think I’m actually doing pretty good at it having died zero times.  But I wish I didn’t think there were things that were going to kill me like telling someone bad news or disappointing people.  That’s something I really have to fix.

There will always be things I want to improve about myself, but I know I have limitations as well.  For example, when I was a kid I didn’t know that you actually have to care about basketball to be good at.  I thought if you just practiced all the time you could be Michael Jordan or at least play in the same league as him.  What I figured out later was that I have no desire for it, so my skill level will not increase no matter how many free throw shots I practice.  I won’t be the phenom on the amateur court at the Rec Center taking my scrappy underdog team to the regional tournament.  It won’t happen.  I also will never love the game of golf enough to invest the money and time to improve my skills.  So if you’re going to invite me to be your partner for some kind of tournament and you’re really competitive, first of all, don’t invite me, and if you do, be prepared to be disappointed.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “I Have Confidence in Me.”


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