Scotch Training

I think we have been over this already.  If there was a place that I would want to live for a year, it would be Scotland.  There is something about the Highlands that calls to me.  It’s one of those strange things that occurs when you miss something having never actually been there.  Maybe it’s that I’ve romanticized it in my own head and it won’t be nearly as beautiful when I actually see it.  Hard to believe, really.  My expectations are high, but as much as I am in love with places like that already, I can see myself being completely in awe of it.

Now the prompt says “study abroad” but I have already done a ton of studying here in the states to last me. Not that I don’t want to learn new things, I just don’t want to waste any more money. I’d rather go up into the hills and “train” like in a Kung Fu movie. Only in this case my training would involve learning how to drink Scotch and…well…I’ll need to research what else they do there in the Scotland. Surely they do other things besides drink Scotch. But anyway, I want to have one of those experiences where I come off the mountain and I’m changed. I’ll have long hair and I’ll need a shower, but I’ll have so much wisdom to impart on my fellow man. People will come from miles around to hear what it is I learned in the hills and what they should do about their careers, relationships, etc. They all need direction, and the hills of Scotland are where I’ll need to go to get it for them.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Study Abroad.”


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