Life gets more an more surreal the older you get because things start to happen that you thought were impossible as a kid.  I have moments of clarity where I am suddenly standing outside myself looking at what I am doing and “Wow, this is really happening.”

I can’t think of an actual moment, but there have been occasion recently when I had to give advice to my mother.  I never expected that kind of role reversal in my life, though I’d seen plenty of indie movies.  In those movies, though, the characters’ problems are so much more complicated than mine.  I wasn’t telling my mom to stop selling drugs to my cousin, I was just saying to her that she needed to get out of the house and make friends.  Of course in the former situation, that’s probably what the son’s character would say to his mom.  She either needs a new set of friends altogether or a new hobby to occupy her time.  Couponing for example is legal in all 50 states.

As I said, these are just things that we didn’t expect to be doing when we were young.  Well . . . I can’t speak for everyone.  Some people actually do live inside one of those indie movies.  But even then, there is still probably something in these kids’ heads that understands how backwards the world is.

I still have lots of ground to cover in this life, so there will be plenty more moments to make me feel strange. Buying a house will definitely be one of those moments.  I spoke to a friend last night who is a realtor and all the terms and words he was throwing around sounded so grown up.  Mortgage, Insurance, closing cost, counter offers.  I know nothing about making offers.  The only offers I’ve made have been when I tried to bribe a young child into behaving, and those have only worked half the time.  I have this picture of me sitting on the other side of a large desk and an old man is running my credit score.  I’ll have my fingers crossed, but at some point he look at me and smile sympathetically.  My best bet is probably just to save money and pay cash.  Or find a place that no one knows about in the woods and build a house slowly over a period of several decades.  I have options at least.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Whoa!.”


One thought on “Adulting

  1. Your post is humorous and 100% relatable. There is a part of me that, every time I have to make an adult decision, refuses to acknowledge that I’m an adult. I’m nervous about making the wrong decision and afraid that someone will discover that I’m a fraud. Does anybody ever really feel ready for the responsibilities that come with adulthood?

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