Hanging With The Pack

I’m into movies, weird ones with unexpected endings and heavy-handed morals, but I also am a big fan of watching a lot of movies and TV specials and series.  (Emphasized part from Bob Meyer’s blog “Write on the River“.)

The trouble is there are too many shows for you to have seen them all, and some folks get really bent out of shape when you haven’t seen their favorite.  It’s becoming sort of a tribal thing, and no water cooler is safe anymore.  If you want to tell a fun story about how your dog ate your mom’s birthday cake and then barfed it up, it better not have happened the night everyone else was watching the hit show or your out of luck.  Unless of course the pictures you took of it remind of a sick death scene that surprised everyone.  Otherwise, be warned.  If you show up with any irrelevant material, you will be boxed out and you will be ostracized.  Your peers will go silent when you approach and wait till you get the hint to leave before they speak again.  All you’ll get is an awkward “Hey” and maybe a one word response to any stupid questions you might have like “What’re you guy talking about?”

So they’ll ask you innocently if you’ve seen “Game of Dead” or “Walking Thrones”?  Then they’re like “You haven’t? Why not?  They’re only the best, most amazing new shows on.”  My advice to you to you if you want to avoid this awkwardness is to get one of those subscription services and binge watch so you can catch up.  If you don’t everything is going to be spoiled for you at work the day after a show or the night of on Facebook.  Oh, and by the way, don’t say you’ve already read the original novel that the show is based on so you know what is going to happen.  WRONG!  The shows are totally different from the books now because the show took a different direction from the start or the original author is too busy going on Conan to finish the source material.  You have no choice but to watch all of the show immediately (you don’t get to choose just one) and pay attention to everything that happens.  Remember all the names of all the characters, there are a lot, and do not under any circumstances forget if someone has died or not.  Make a mistake like that and the pack will turn on you.  You’ll be a stain on the floor that the janitor doesn’t even bother to clean up because he knows you’ve been made an example of.

What are you still doing here?  Get to watching!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Third From the Top.”


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