I try to be the same person online as I am in person.  I even go so far as to type words in the order that I might say them including pauses.  I don’t like to spell things wrong, though, and I tend to want to spell complete words instead of using abbreviations.  Except for when it’s funny.  I also think It’s important to use a capital “I” when referring to myself.  The “I” is capital because I feel like I’m important.  Most of the time a phone will fix that error for you, but on the internets you have to pay attention.  Because these things are important to me, I like talking to people that feel the same way.  Specifically when I’m talking to a girl, I start to lose interest the more she uses what I would call “text speak” or “words you would have to explain to your grandparents”.  And if she’s a heavy LOL-er, forget it.

Speaking of “text speech”, there is a level of comfort that text communication provides people that I try to be aware of.  On one hand, you have more time to calculate your responses to people so that you can avoid saying the wrong thing or divulging too much information.  This is advantageous in an argument.  The flip side to that is being separated allows you to say some pretty awful things without the fear of consequence.  Especially when you’re an anonymous person on a forum or a comment thread.  Because it is so tempting to be that guy, I only choose things to say that I would be comfortable saying to a person face to face.  If you have to ask, if you’re wondering if it might be taken as offensive, it probably is.  I’m getting better at trusting my gut, and usually when I have a bad feeling about something, there is a reason for it.  We should all learn to trust that intuition.

Again, I try to be the same person online and through text as I am in person, but there is a point where that is impossible.  There are times I think when a conversation should take place in person because there are certain things you want to say and you want to know how a person is going to react to them in real time.  You need to see their actual reactions.  Unfortunately there is not a font that adequately conveys the emotion we are intending.  The best we have are yellow faces that only serve as a poor substitute.  Sometimes, people just need to hear your voice and see your face.  And when you’re with that person, they can’t lie to you and say that they understand or they aren’t upset or they are happy or whatever their reaction is to what you’re saying.  In these cases, I want that person in front of me so that I know that nothing is lost in translation.  Plus, after good or bad news is delivered, some form of physical contact is necessary.  There’s no emoticon for that.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “It’s a Text, Text, Text, Text World.”


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