Chocolate or Vanilla

So yo think that there are only two kinds of people in this world?

Essentially, yes.  Those that like chocolate and those that like vanilla.

You see, I disagree.  There are just some people that don’t like either.

Well, if you tell people they have to pick one or the other, they will pick the one they prefer.

But what about those people that like neither.  What about the people that prefer strawberry?

Strawberry isn’t a flavor, it’s a fruit.  I’m talking strictly chocolate or vanilla.  People will either pick one or the other.

No they won’t.  Some people don’t like either.

But if you tell someone they have to pick one or the other, they will go for the one that they prefer the most.

Why are we all of a sudden in some kind of distopian world where people are forced to make choices between two things they don’t want?  The world isn’t all black and white, you know?

Sure it is.  There’s a right way and a wrong way.  There’s day time and there’s night time.  There’s a time for laughing and a time for crying.  There’s a time for chocolate and a time for vanilla.

You’re crazy.  You have to account for those that choose not to choose.  That’s also an option.

Not if you put it in front of them and say they have to choose one of them.

What is this scenario?  Why are you forcing chocolate or vanilla on these poor people?  Is there a gun to their head?


Then why is it so important that they make a choice one way or the other?

It’s not.  I’m just saying that if you tell someone they have to pick one or the other, they’re going to-

You’re not even going to get 100 percent, hell 75 percent participation.  Some will tell you to buzz off.

I’m not planning on actually walking the streets like Jay Leno asking random folks which flavor they choose.

Why not?  Instead of sitting here arguing, I think you should grab a notebook and a pen a head downtown for some raw data.  You’re going to need to back this argument up with some cold hard facts.

I’m not doing that.


Because it’s stupid.

Do it in the name of science.  Hell, do it in the name of proving yourself right.

I just don’t see how you don’t understand what I’m trying to say here.  I’m not a dictator who’s eliminated all flavors but chocolate and vanilla.  There is no crisis that demands people take sides.  I just think that if you ask random people chocolate or vanilla, they are going to pick the-

No I get it.

one that they prefer.

I’m telling you it’s not that simple.  The world does not work in absolutes.

It’s not- look I’m just saying everyone has a preference wether they like the flavors or not.  

How did we even get on this topic?

We were talking about ice cream.  I wanted some before, but all this debating has made me lose interest.  

Ooo, now I want some.  I’ll buy yours, too, but on one condition.

What’s that?

No, thank you.


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