The Car and the Cow

The picture behind my dad’s head is crooked.  I can’t help but see it every time I look at him.  The problem with this picture is that it’s not a framed picture; it’s part of the wall.  Instead of buying a framed picture like a normal establishment, this restaurant has purchased an adhesive print and stuck it to the wall I am facing.  It’s a picture of a garage.  There is an old car in the garage, one that I have seen many times at my grandpa’s house, only this one is restored.  There are no rust spots on this old Chevy.  It’s baby blue and the shiny tires are whitewall.  The point of view of the picture is from the ground as the artist was looking up at the car from the floor of the garage.  Surrounding the car are vintage signs from old gas stations and roadside eateries.  Some are leaning against the support beams of the garage.  Some are hanging on the walls.  My dad would probably recognize some of these sings were he looking at the same thing as me.  I don’t know what he sees.  My mom sees a watercolor of a cow behind my head.  She says it’s the style now to have that kind of painting in your house.  My dad does not care for it.

If I could change anything, I would fix that crooked picture.  It could be that the picture looks crooked because the one next to it is.  That’s what is frustrating about decorating if you are a particular person like me.  A picture could be straight and the devices I use to tell me that it is straight confirms that it is straight, but I won’t stop staring at this picture.  I’m not convinced.  Something has to be wrong.  I picture myself carving the picture out of the drywall and repositioning it.  Yes, that would create more problems.  I am proud to say that in reality I am able to withstand the urge to find a large knife and start destroying property.  However, inside my mind I am carving away, and it makes me feel better.

I have changed my mind.  The thing I would fix would not be the positioning of the picture behind my dad.  I would instead redecorate the entire restaurant.  Apart from the grouping of crooked pictures I have been placed in front of – and yes there are two other but I cannot expend the energy to look away from the crooked one – none of the pictures in the this place relate to one another.  There is picture behind my mom’s head of a old man.  Then there is the aforementioned cow.  The cow is an attractive painting, but the only theme it adheres to in this establishment is the theme of “Hey they said we should put pictures on the wall”.  Mission Accomplished.  Good thing the food is good here or I wouldn’t recommend it to my friends.


One thought on “The Car and the Cow

  1. I also have been hung up on patterns on a wall. Particularly frustrating was a wall on which the texture created all sorts of images even though the paint was unobtrusive. Somehow the textures generally looked like animals of some sort. What that means, I don’t know! Sounds harmless, but frustrating..

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